Well Pours | Five Fun Favorites

Well Pours will be an irregular but ongoing section here at Kapu Cocktail. We will be taking a look at resources that help educate, inform, and entertain us into being better home bartenders or people. But mostly about making better cocktails.

Back Bar at Seven Grand LA

Back Bar at Seven Grand LA

Here we are again. Emerging from the grip of winter and into the spring. Enjoy a few quick reads and an excellent podcast for this installment. Carpe Drinkum! 


Interview by Robert Simonson with David Levy

 A fun, quick look behind the grass curtain at the historic Mai Kai through the eyes of ins long serving chief executive. 

An agricole primer for the uninitiated. 

Wayne Curtis (And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails) writes a short but in-depth look at rhum agriole - the land, the distilleries, the terroir. Great for explaining to a loved one why you have the Neisson, JM, Rhum Clément...and the HSE, Damoiseau, Rhum Rhum...and [redacted].

5 Minutes of Fancy

Kevin joins forces on with Adrian Eustaquio aka Polynesian Pop to discuss Stiggins' Fancy Plantation Pineapple Rum, tiki, and Ohana. Funny that is what we spoke to Kevin about as well! You can get even more time with Kevin and Adrian by listening to Inside the Desert Oasis Room. 

The Last Reasonable Whisky

Irish Whisky seems to be having a revival. David of K&L give a little lesson on Irish distiller Midleton and their juice. 

Rum was once molasses. 

Baker Stella Parks explains blackstrap and true molasses. Plus there are cookies. One can't live on cocktails alone.