Well Pours | A Colonial Blend of Trademark Near Perfection.

Unidentified Basque man at Louis Basque Corner in Reno, Nevada

Unidentified Basque man at Louis Basque Corner in Reno, Nevada


Well Pours will be an irregular but ongoing section here at Kapu Cocktail. We will be taking a look at resources that help educate, inform, and entertain us into being better home bartenders or people. But mostly about making better cocktails.

WhiskeyCast Episode 622

Nancy Fraley is the subject of this week's WhiskeyCast In-depth. She is a the accomplished Master Blender behind many of the best, new whiskeys being released. Skip to 15:07 to hear Mark's informative interview and learn a lot on the art in making every bottle the best it can be. I hope next week's episode has the pre-holiday Johnnie Walker Double Black ads back in rotation.

Colonial Cocktails

Apparently, we owe democracy to the tavern. Funny that democracy is now sending some of us back to the tavern for survival. I didn't know that you could make methanol from the fermentation wood. Leave it to NPR to educate me on science, safety, and America.  

Havana Clubs

Will the real Havana Club please stand up? The 60 Minutes look into the battle between Pernod Richard and Bacardi over a brand sparked a complex internal discussion. The Cuban Havana Club is the real one. The "recipe" hardly was a secret to be sold. The rum is an expression of Cuba and its cane. However, the brand was not the Cuban government's to appropriate and profit from. Geopolitics and cocktails do not mix well.

Bonus coverage: Josh Miller of Inu A Kena gives his expert opinion on the juice. 

Whiskey Writers, Stirred by Robert Simonson

In addition to the boom whiskey had seen the decade, writing about whiskey is also a growth industry. Maybe writing about writing about is there next big thing?

The Enemy of Good by David Driscoll

"If life is a test, then you need to approach it like one. You need to do the best you can in the allotted time given."

I enjoy every read of David's blogs for K&L Wine Merchants. This entry is no exception. It is a near perfect look at seeking spirit perfection in the material world. I can live with that.

Carpe Drinkum!