Review | Golden Devil Worthy Park 10yo Jamaican Rum

The Spirit

The molasses used to produce rum was historically sourced from the local sugar operation. Today, molasses is a commodity. Mostly being shipped out of Guyana to other Caribbean destinations. Aside from fresh cane juice rum, terrior is a thing of the past. Worthy Park is an exception. The estate has been in the sugar growing and processing business since the 1700s. That means the rum business as well. All of the molasses used in this rum comes from the Estate. Their website (link below) has beautiful shots of the facility and the fields. 

Golden Devil is the USA's version of Hunter Laing's Kill Devil rum line. 

Tasting Notes

Age: 10 years

Aged in Scotland.

Color:   Golden

ABV: 50

Nose: Intense overripe fruits with softer notes of leather, wood, honey, and vanilla

Taste: Full, fruity and buttery. Vanilla, citrus, and fruits come it after the intail taste. 

Finish: Hot but round and buttery. Cools to a light lemon zest and under ripe banana.

Score: Buy before you can't.