Review | Germain-Robin Craft Method Brandy

The Spirit

Germain-Robin is a California brandy hailing from Mendocino County. The brandy is derived from a number of table wine grapes that have been fermented in temperature controlled tanks. Distilled on an antique cognac double pot still. Aged in Limousin oak barrels. And then blended, married, and bottled for us to thoroughly enjoy. 

I'm not going to even try and tell you their whole story. Or what varietal of grapes are fermented and distilled. They do in such a confident and transparent way on their website: I particularly enjoy the "Craft Methods and Human Beings" page. Distillers are people too. Another link below to Vinous provides a lot of backstory about the brand.

Now let's get to the brandy! 

Tasting Notes

Color:  Browned Butter 

ABV: 40

Nose: overripe fruits, soil, apples, clove, citrus pith

Taste: apples, figs, toffee, rich and viscous mouthfeel 

Finish: long and fruity with muted spices. 

Score: Buy Buy Buy