Well Pours | Great Podcasts for Cocktails


Well Pours will be an ongoing section here at Kapu Cocktail. We will be taking a look at resources that help educate, inform, and entertain us into being better home bartenders or people. But mostly about making better cocktails. 

Podcasts are one of the great inventions of portable digital audio player era. They predate the iPod and iTunes but without a doubt Apple brought them to the masses. I listen in the car typically and the collection below represents my podcast "driveway moments." Needless to say this post's cocktail, Attentive Listening, should be consumed responsibly. 

Better drinking through listening. 

Carpe Drinkum'



The Cocktail Wonk Part 2

Ed Rudisell and Matt Pietrek (Cocktail Wonk) dive deep into Tiki and the future of rum. 

Why: I had no clue who Ed Rudisell was before the Shift Drink Podcast started following me on Instagram. Now, I wish I lived in Indianapolis and had a better understanding of metal. The Cocktail Wonk is one of our Persona Grata - an expert in rum, scotch, and apparently cloud software architecture.  

Where: Shift Drink Podcast

Bonus Episode: The Cocktail Wonk Part 1


Special Sauce with Ed Levine

Interview with Stella Parks of Bravetart

Why: Baked Sugar. Stella Parks invented a method of adding caramel flavors to sugar without making caramel. Stella also has a pastry cookbook out based off of her website - Bravetart. We need sugar in more forms than just simple!

Where: Serious Eats

Bonus Episode: Danny Meyer Tells the Shake Shack Origin Story


The Wondrous World of Tiki Cocktails

Interview with Martin Cate of Smugglers Cove

Why: Martin Cate. And this interview is not a cookie cutter book promotion interview. Martin has great sense of humor while discussing kitsch, cocktails, and explains his origin story. 

Where: WSJ Off Duty

Bonus Episode: Nina Compton on Creole and Caribbean Cuisine


Eric Ripert Doesn't Follow Food Trends

Interview with Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin

Why: Eric Ripert is a three star Michelin chef that can teach all of us the value of hard work, craft, and being present. 

Where: The Eater Upsell

Bonus Episode: Mario Batali Will Baptize You With Pasta Water


A tour of InchDairnie Distillery

Interview with Ian Palmer of InchDairnie Distillery in Fife, Scotland 

Why: Ian Palmer knows more about building a distillery then you. He knows it and has barely enough patience to explain what he is doing a his brand new facility. He is also clear that no one will taste InchDarinie's first single malt until 2028 - for that he has patience. Come for the Johnny Walker Double Black ads, stay for the WiskyCast Indepth. 

Where: WhiskyCast Episode 590, tour starts at 21:00


Attentive Listening

2 oz. Stiggins' Fancy Pineapple Rum

3⁄4 oz. lemon juice 

1⁄4 oz. Licor 43

1⁄4 oz. Islay Scotch Blend

1⁄2 oz. cane syrup

Shake with ice and strain into Seltzer. Hit it with the CO2. Discharge and pour the contents into a glass. garnish with pineapple, lemon twist, and mint.